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Addiction continues to be a roller-coaster of fear, anxiety, depression, anger, cravings, costly mistakes, mixed with moments of hope that soon bottom-out into more disappointments.

Aren't you tried of this cycle?

It is a tragic mistake to keep hoping that someone addicted to drugs will get better without effective help.

Don't be fooled into believing that nothing can be done until the addict hits bottom.

Don't Let Addiction Stay in Your Family One More Day! After an overdose, everyone wishes they would have done something sooner. Don't fool yourself.

We are not trying to scare you... tragedy comes as part of the nature of this beast!

Take Action... We are here to give you reliable and effective help

Ineffective treatment isn't just a waste of time and money, it is an immoral injustice perpetrated on sick individuals and families that are doing everything in their power to find a solution and stop their demise which they witness daily. Too many families are faced with this delima: Finally finding effective treatment and then not having the money or insurance to afford it. This leaves families caved in by their disappointment and angry over not being in control of this problem.

Most people won't read this much on a website, but since you have, I promise that you will be enlightened by the information in this site and when you tire from reading, you can call me and I will answer any questions you have about addiction and treatment.

Whether this is your first attempt at finding effective alcohol and drug treatment or you have been disappointed and/ or fooled by the propaganda or ineffective treatment before, thank you for caring enough to not accept these weak excuses for failed treatment as absolute truth about you, as a person, or your addiction or that of a loved one.

  1. Information and connections to alcohol and drug evaluations and assessments.
  2. The latest information about alcohol and other drugs-of-addiction
    Bath Salts
    Methamphatamine or Crystal Meth
    Prescription Drugs such as Vicodin
  3. Information about different forms of alcohol and drug treatment
  4. Specific information about drug issues and solutions in different cities in Texas:
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    Corpus Christi
    El Paso
    San Antonio
  5. Questions an Answers sent in from readers of this site

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Alcohol Addiction Info...

Alcohol- A Socially Acceptable Threat

When does casual consumption of alcohol turn to alcohol dependency drinking and finally to biochemically-controlled drinking or alcoholism?Most people addicted to alcohol can't pinpoint when this change from casual drinking to alcoholism occurred.Alcohol is a tricky drug, one that draws a thin, usually imperceptible line, between social use and addictive use.

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Crystal Meth Info...

Heroin - An Import from Mexico

Mexican heroin remains readily available in Texas, with Mexican black tar heroin being the predominant form. Southeast Asian, South American, and Southwest Asian heroin are also available in Texas but to varying extents.

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Crystal Meth Info...

Crack Cocaine is Available in Every City in Texas.

Once Crack Cocaine was introduced in Texas, within a year, it could be found statewide. A Marketing Marvel. Learn more about Crack Cocaine's physical addiction...

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Courses About Addiction

First of all, there is always something that can help. We have correspondance courses that can teach you about addiction and how to affect change in a loved one who may be addicted.
Secondly, addiction depletes the brain of is natural chemicals and replacing them will make an addict have fewer and less severe cravings and allow him/her to be happier without depending on a drug-high. This, in itself is enough to give a person hope and help them to see that they don't have an incurable diseases. CLICK HERE for a product that is helping thousands.

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The most recent study by the Journal of Patient Safety that says that between 210,000 and 440,000 patients each year who go to the hospital for care suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death. He wishes that he had been more aware of these issues a year ago, but now he is willing to help you and your family by bring these issues to light in your particular medical crisis. Call him at