Rehab Confidentiality

texas rehab drug Confidentiality

All Information is Confidential at Texas Drug Rehabs

This web site from Texas Drug Rehab was created to help you learn more about drug addiction and the issues herein which are sensitive and contain private information. Texas Drug Rehabs highly respects your personal privacy and provides this informational statement to better understand how we may collect and use personal information about you. This confidentiality statement describes Texas Drug Rehabs policy and security practices for this web site.

  • The only information Texas Drug Rehabs obtains about individual visitors to its web site is voluntarily given by visitors.
  • Information about a person that is given by filling out the form for specific help is kept in strict confidence and protected by law. (name, e-mail or home address, etc.) The confidentiality laws related to substance abuse information and treatment are some of the best confidentiality laws and no one should fear communication with a professional related to their alcohol or drug problem. The counselors at Texas Drug Rehab are licensed and certified drug abuse counselors.

  1. United States law requires that any suspicion possible child abuse be reported to child welfare authorities or law enforcement authorities. If we or the counselors believe that a child is at risk of being abused, has been abused, or that someone who previously abused children is still a threat, we have no choice but to immediately to take all action possible to report it to social services agencies and/or the police.
  2. Most United States courts have the power to subpoena our records and a counselor's records if you are involved in a court case with T exas Drug Rehabs. Although this may be rare, if you have any questions, it is better to contact your lawyer prior to disclosing any information you may deem private.
  3. If someone's life is in danger, including yours, we will attempt to report it. This applies to potential cases of suicide or homicide.